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Moving on, and protecting the Drupal trademark

Today I moved this blog from the http://www.mobiledrupal.com domain to http://www.eldeto.com. The main reasons are my decreasing contributions to mobile Drupal, my plan to blog about a wider range of topics and also a potential Drupal trademark violation.

Building a mobile app API using Drupal, Node.js and MongoDB

In February 2012 our team at ConsumerSearch launched the ConsumerSearch Reviews iOS app. This handsome app helps you during your product purchase by providing extensive product reviews, comparisons, pricing information and online and local store product availability. Try it out during your next purchase -- you'll be surprised how much time you'll save in researching the best products.

Searching for products is possible by keyword search or barcode scanner. We are very proud of our first app that has already gone through several updates and has received positive user reviews.


Another Apache config file for mobile device detection

Recently I posted an Apache configuration file that allows you to detect mobile devices and pass a query parameter to the back-end that informs your web application what type of device is accessing your website. This without the need for device detection in your back-end (e.g. Drupal).

The main goals for that script where:

  • 1 url for both the mobile and desktop site

Simple Apache configuration file for mobile device detection

From time to time I get questions about caching strategies and mobile devices. Definitely when you want to create different responses in the back end based on the device AND you have strong caching strategies, things get very tricky.

An example scenario in Drupal (but can relate to any CMS) is where you boost performance by storing the generated pages as static files (see Boost).

These solutions rely heavily on Apache in a way that Apache delivers the static files in case these files exist. Otherwise it passes the request to the CMS.

Drupalcon Slides: Briding the Gap between Desktop and Mobile publishing

Bridging the gap between Desktop and Mobile publishing with Drupal

Mobile Tools swiss army knife verticalIn a couple of months the Drupal community, and businesses will attend Drupalcon London 2011. An opportunity for us developers to learn about new trends, decision makers to evaluate Drupal and for a lot of Drupal pro's the opportunity to share knowledge with a wider community.

The slides for "Mobile-izing Your Organization With Drupal" Acquia Webinar

On thursday Northpoint, who recently became an Acquia partner gave a presentation on "Mobilizing Your Organization With Drupal". The webinar was presented by myself and Matt Dorman.

For who want to review the slides, or missed the webinar, here is the presentation.

Choosing a new Mobile Tools logo

Thanks to my colleague Ian at Northpoint, who created some nice logo's, Mobile Tools finally has it's own logo! I got 4 different designs and I wanted to hear what you think.

Modules that have their own logo, just give them that extra piece of credibility, ... What does not mean they are actually better:)

So here they are:

1. Simple mobile devices

Mobile-izing Your Organization with Drupal: Acquia webinar

logo acquiaFor who is following this blog and the Mobile Tools module, has noticed some spike in my contributions the last days ...

I would like to have a more even distribution of my contributions, but day to day work brings my focus often for longer periodes to different domains (like the Marthastewart new solr integration).

However, for the upcoming Acquia Webinar that I will co-presenting this coming thursday, I did an extra effort to work on the module and write some documentation. With thanks of course to Northpoint to give me the time to work on these projects!

So, if you want to learn more about Drupal and mobile and hear me talking about Mobile Tools, tune in tomorrow to the Acquia webinar:

If you already have questions up front, you can post them as comments!

Mobile Tools, Build modes and ImageCache: let's play together

Yesterday I blogged shortly about the new Mobile Tools integration with Context.

I currently updated the support for Build modes, and would like to illustrate this with an example using ImageCache.

First of all if you want to use build modes, you have enable the Mobile Tools module to provide build modes: