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The secret behind the Mobile Tools module

It has been some time since I first released the Mobile Tools module on the Drupal repository (with thanks to greggles to guide me through the process of obtaining CVS access). Since its first submission I had a quick cycle of bug fixes and feature requests, often due to my impatience to release my code to the community... I have been trying to answer / fix these bugs and fixes as fast as possible. So I hope I did not loose to many among you during that dark period.

In terms of adoption we are currently clocking on stats of 206 installs and I am glad that people are keeping up by using the latest version of Mobile Tools... Looks we are heading towards a healthy uptake :) ...

With 1.8, the module has reach a fairly stable release, so time to draw some attention to the module to get some feedback or some stories. So here is quick overview of the functionality of the module... I'll try to keep up the documentation on the Drupal doc page for the module: http://drupal.org/node/459686. Let me know if things are not clear!

Open Source to the Rescue of Mobile App and Mobile Web Fragmentation

Tonight I will be hosting a Bird of Feather session at OSCON in San José on Open source and mobile technology: Open Source to the Rescue of Mobile App and Mobile Web Fragmentation


If you are around, feel free to stop by... I'll publish the slides and conclusions of the BoF later on.

In meantime some other interesting read:


Introduction to the mobile web

For all who is fairly to mobile web development and wants a first introduction, I can recommend the Opera documentation pages and more specific these documents:

Mobile 1: Introduction to the mobile web

Mobile markup - XHTML Basic 1.1

The article also states clear that we are not talking about mobile applications like you can find in the Android Market, iphone store, Nokia Ovi, ....

Slides presentation on Mobile Drupal @ drupal camp colorado

During the weekend of 27 and 28 June I attended the very successful Drupal Camp Colorado. A lot of cool people around and what struck me most was the enormous quality of the presentations! So thanks to the organization.

I had the luck to give a short session on Mobile Drupal and give some demonstrations. That Mobile is gaining more interest was shown by the response of the attendees: approximately 8% of the audience had already made a mobile website, while 90% was planning to make a mobile website in the future.

Presenting the "basics of making a mobile website" at DrupalCamp Colorado

The schedule for DrupalCamp Colorado has just been announced, and I am glad I can make the trip to Denver to present a session on Mobile Drupal. With already around 160 registered users and the persence of the Ubercart conference this will be a real interesting gathering.

BONDI and the mobile web

It is time to write a short overview on one of the important initiatives going on these days for the mobile web.
In a world where mobile fragmentation is daily bread, the Open Mobile Terminal Platfrom (OMTP) project is working on a set of specifications for mobile widgets and mobile websites. Their initiative is called BONDI and defines a set of standardized interfaces that must be available within a browser environment or widget framework.

Siruna launched a new mobile blog

Siruna the mobile web specialist who is sponsoring most of my Drupal work (Mobile Tools, Wurfl, Siruna and more to come) just launched a new blog

Metrics on Mobile web usage: who to expect on your site

AdMob released a new metrics report, focused on the usage of mobile web and devices used for accessing the mobile web:

April 2009 Mobile Metrics Report - Mobile Web vs. HTML

HTML usage means mobile devices visiting normal desktop websites, while Mobile Web means visiting mobile optimized websites (e.g. http://m.mobiledrupal.com).

The conclusions are interesting enough to put them on my blog and not bore you with nonr-relevant statistics :)

Siruna @ Drupalcamp Colorado 2009 (Mobile Drupal)

Drupalcamp colorado 2009 will take place the 27th and 28th of June, jointly with Ubercamp 2.0. As the biggest DrupalCamp of the region, this will be the place to be for Drupal developers who like to gather and share ideas.

Siruna has decided to sponsor DrupalCamp colorado with a bronze sponsorship and propose a session on Mobile Drupal (titled: The Basics of making a mobile site with Drupal). This session will contain basic information on making mobile websites, and will more particularly demonstrate two new Drupal modules that are currently in development:

  • Mobile Tools: Helping developers in getting traffic to the mobile site, theme switching and enhancing the permission system with a mobile context.
  • Siruna module: A module in heavy development aiming at the integration of the Siruna transcoding service with Drupal.

Mobile Device capability detection: new Drupal module using WURFL

Today I released a first version of my WURFL wrapper module for Drupal. It provides an API for developers / themers in order to detect what device is accessing the site and also to see what the capabilities are of the device (e.g. screen site, support for ajax, which device, touch_screen, etc ...).

At Siruna we use WURFL (among other techniques) extensively to adapt websites to the mobile devices. This includes image transcoding, html and CSS cleanup, usability improving, javascript handling, etc ...