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Drupalcon Slides: Briding the Gap between Desktop and Mobile publishing

Bridging the gap between Desktop and Mobile publishing with Drupal

Mobile Tools swiss army knife verticalIn a couple of months the Drupal community, and businesses will attend Drupalcon London 2011. An opportunity for us developers to learn about new trends, decision makers to evaluate Drupal and for a lot of Drupal pro's the opportunity to share knowledge with a wider community.

Northpoint sessions at Drupalcon Chicago

There are only 3 days left to cast your votes for Drupalcon chicago, so in case you are lost in the vast amount of sessions and you did not have the time yet to vote, I would like to share with you the sessions proposed by my colleagues at Northpoint.

We recently have build some large traffic sites like Mens Health, Fitbie.msn.com, Eat This Not that, ... we are currently working on the Drupal version of More.com, and we are creating Mobile Drupal sites for AT&T and Johnson&Johnson. Personally I have dedicated a lot of time to the Mobile Tools module and I would like to share some of the concepts behind it.

Drupalcon Paris website on Mobile (check out the schedule page!)

Today I have been working a bit in order to demonstrate the Siruna technology by making the Drupalcon Paris website mobile!

I must say, although this is a quick demonstration, the results are very good!

Take a look at: http://drupalcon.siruna.com for the mobile version of the site.

This can be very usefull to check out the schedule on your mobile phone:


Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Siruna going to Drupalcon to talk about mobile drupal and (And we are bringing Belgian beers to our sponsor tables)

Since Drupalcon DC I have had the change to present some sessions on Mobile Drupal at different drupal camps accross the US including the New York drupalcamp, Denver and this month in LA.
Most of my presentations are gathered in this blog, but can be easily viewed on Slideshare.

DrupalCon DC and mobile web technology

DrupalCon DC

drupalcon DC
Three days after DrupalCon DC it is finally time to join the other Drupal bloggers and give a view on my highlights, and more particularly the mobile highlights on DrupalCon DC. One thing was sure, I had a more stable internet connection on my mobile device (through Edge/3G) than on my laptop! It kept me nicely informed on all the tweets (currently I use Fring, but suggestions are highly welcomed - for a windows mobile device), the after-parties and my incoming mail... So this is a reason to provide a nice Mobile Drupalcon website next year. I'll have to offer my services to Jean-Baptiste and Joeri from the winning Drupalcon Paris 2009 organization.