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An overview of Mobile modules for Drupal

Update 24/03/2009: dotgo module

In march I will be presenting a I was planning to give a session on DrupalCon dealing with Drupal and its relation to mobile devices. Currently no real big effort has been done to port Drupal to the mobile space and their is still a lot to learn. So I hope my session will have some impact on these efforts!

In my preparation for this session I have been looking a bit closer at the current activities in the Drupal community and to what is already available in order to get your site properly displayed on mobile devices, or at least to interact with your mobile users. So this blog will summarize the Drupal 'mobile' modules!

As you will see, during the last years, there where many attempts in the Drupal community to provide tools that help in making your site mobile. It is too bad that most modules are not really maintained anymore and don't have high adoption... Probably they where too innovative at the time of conception (this happens with all those smart people playing with Drupal). Since the last year we have seen a big increase in usage of the mobile web, so these modules will probably become more and more attractive.

I'll try to give an overview with the current state of Drupal modules targeting the mobile world! I will do my best to not forget any module, so feel free to add your comments, new modules or your own experiences!