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Slides presentation on Mobile Drupal @ drupal camp colorado

During the weekend of 27 and 28 June I attended the very successful Drupal Camp Colorado. A lot of cool people around and what struck me most was the enormous quality of the presentations! So thanks to the organization.

I had the luck to give a short session on Mobile Drupal and give some demonstrations. That Mobile is gaining more interest was shown by the response of the attendees: approximately 8% of the audience had already made a mobile website, while 90% was planning to make a mobile website in the future.

Siruna launched a new mobile blog

Siruna the mobile web specialist who is sponsoring most of my Drupal work (Mobile Tools, Wurfl, Siruna and more to come) just launched a new blog

Siruna @ Drupalcamp Colorado 2009 (Mobile Drupal)

Drupalcamp colorado 2009 will take place the 27th and 28th of June, jointly with Ubercamp 2.0. As the biggest DrupalCamp of the region, this will be the place to be for Drupal developers who like to gather and share ideas.

Siruna has decided to sponsor DrupalCamp colorado with a bronze sponsorship and propose a session on Mobile Drupal (titled: The Basics of making a mobile site with Drupal). This session will contain basic information on making mobile websites, and will more particularly demonstrate two new Drupal modules that are currently in development:

  • Mobile Tools: Helping developers in getting traffic to the mobile site, theme switching and enhancing the permission system with a mobile context.
  • Siruna module: A module in heavy development aiming at the integration of the Siruna transcoding service with Drupal.

DrupalCon DC and mobile web technology

DrupalCon DC

drupalcon DC
Three days after DrupalCon DC it is finally time to join the other Drupal bloggers and give a view on my highlights, and more particularly the mobile highlights on DrupalCon DC. One thing was sure, I had a more stable internet connection on my mobile device (through Edge/3G) than on my laptop! It kept me nicely informed on all the tweets (currently I use Fring, but suggestions are highly welcomed - for a windows mobile device), the after-parties and my incoming mail... So this is a reason to provide a nice Mobile Drupalcon website next year. I'll have to offer my services to Jean-Baptiste and Joeri from the winning Drupalcon Paris 2009 organization.

Mobile strategies for Drupal

On saturday I attended my first New York DrupalCamp meeting and was able to meet some active New York Drupal community members. See the small coverage of the New York Times.

I have presented the work I am currently doing on making Drupal a mobile CMS system, and I got the chance to share my thoughts with some people of the NY Drupal community. Apparently the mobile space is still a far away space for a lot of developers (and their clients). See my slides to get a feeling of what I am doing and what to expect in the coming weeks (I am in an intensive coding mode/mood to finish this work by the end of march).

The ultimate goal is to assist the developer as much as possible to prepare his/her site for optimal mobile viewing. The slides are not showing a finished piece of Drupal work, but serve more as an introduction and source for discussion, while you expect some working stuff in the near future.

Feel free to comment or contact me if you want to share your thoughts on these slides.

An overview of Mobile modules for Drupal

Update 24/03/2009: dotgo module

In march I will be presenting a I was planning to give a session on DrupalCon dealing with Drupal and its relation to mobile devices. Currently no real big effort has been done to port Drupal to the mobile space and their is still a lot to learn. So I hope my session will have some impact on these efforts!

In my preparation for this session I have been looking a bit closer at the current activities in the Drupal community and to what is already available in order to get your site properly displayed on mobile devices, or at least to interact with your mobile users. So this blog will summarize the Drupal 'mobile' modules!

As you will see, during the last years, there where many attempts in the Drupal community to provide tools that help in making your site mobile. It is too bad that most modules are not really maintained anymore and don't have high adoption... Probably they where too innovative at the time of conception (this happens with all those smart people playing with Drupal). Since the last year we have seen a big increase in usage of the mobile web, so these modules will probably become more and more attractive.

I'll try to give an overview with the current state of Drupal modules targeting the mobile world! I will do my best to not forget any module, so feel free to add your comments, new modules or your own experiences!

Make your Drupal blog mobile!

This is my first post in a series of tutorials illustrating how the open source Siruna software can help you in making your website mobile. The goal is not to create a mobile site from scratch, but to repurpose your existing sites for display on mobile devices. The advantage is that you do not lose time by creating a complete new mobile theme, and Siruna assists in making some usability choices.
Drupal is currently not aware of mobile devices and delivers a very bad "out-of-the-box" solution to serve these devices. At the other hand, Drupal is very suited for mobile transformations because of the well structured theming.

Start of a new technical blog

Welcome to this new Blog dealing about mobility and more specific Mobile Drupal. The blog will publish the result of one of my current consulting jobs, involving the creation of a set of tools for helping Drupal developers in making their sites mobile. The blog is an attempt to deliver a very practical approach in making mobile sites and gather some feedback from the community. I hope you won't mind that during my discourse, I will have a natural preference for using Siruna as an adaptation service... But more on this later.

Currently mobile presence gets more and more attention, and the predictions are very positive ... e.g. Smartphone growth according Gartner, but still data subscribers are not yet booming...