Bringing Osmobi to the Drupalcamp near you!

December looks like another month full of Drupalcamps. Siruna will be represented on many of the coming Drupalcamps as sponsors and where possible I will try to give some demonstrations on how to get the most out of Osmobi

Three of the drupalcamps where you will find us soon are

Drupalcamp New York

On saturday 5 december you will find me at Drupal Camp New York. The venue quickly reached it's maximum capacity so a big crowd is expected to talk about Drupal!

Drupalcamp Chicago

The week afterwards you there is Drupal camp chicago. If you are attending, hopefully I will meet you during one of my proposed sessions: Making mobile websites with drupal

Drupalcamp Chicago Dec. 12-13, 2009

Drupalcamp Ghent (Belgium)

And yes, the Drupalcamp Ghent will be the first Drupalcamp in Belgium and will happen next to the Siruna offices!
To bad I will not be there , but my colleagues certainly will be present!

I'm going to Drupal Camp Ghent 2009
This is one of the nicest Drupal Camp badges I have ever seen... Some similarity with the NYC badge cannot be denied ;)

More events...

If you are organizing your local Drupal event, drop me a not if you are searching for sponsors or speakers... Building the mobile site of your event can also be an option!!