Mobile usages for Drupal

Someone directed me to the following blog post, illustrating a cool use case for Drupal in a mobile context. Read it on
The blog shortly explains how you can use Drupal together with the Mailhandler and Mailsave modules to update your Drupal image galleries through a mobile phone (e.g. iPhone).

The module allows you to send images from you mobile phone to your mailbox and create Image nodes that can be displayed on your site. Sending images is something that is "straightforward" on mobile devices.

This is a very good example how you can enhance your site with mobile functionality, and how the author understands what a mobile context means. Taking a picture is easy and sending it by mail is very well supported by a lot of devices. It gives a much better experience then using uploading forms.

This can be extended to personal blogs, e-commerce, events, etc ... I hope to see some more mobile use cases!