Northpoint sessions at Drupalcon Chicago

There are only 3 days left to cast your votes for Drupalcon chicago, so in case you are lost in the vast amount of sessions and you did not have the time yet to vote, I would like to share with you the sessions proposed by my colleagues at Northpoint.

We recently have build some large traffic sites like Mens Health,, Eat This Not that, ... we are currently working on the Drupal version of, and we are creating Mobile Drupal sites for AT&T and Johnson&Johnson. Personally I have dedicated a lot of time to the Mobile Tools module and I would like to share some of the concepts behind it.

This work results in tons of knowledge that we try to circulate within Northpoint, and that we try to present at Drupal Camps in New York. So we decided to not only be a Gold Sponsor, but also take the time and write a number of proposals for Drupalcon Chicago. Even if these sessions are not being selected, we value the process of defining topics that can be shared with other community members.

This is the list:

See you in Chicago!