Proposed Mobile sessions for Drupalcon Chicago

One of the rewarding activities as maintainer of Mobile Tools is seeing how the adoption of the module is steadily growing. Since my first commit om march 22nd 2009, we have now a reported installation base of 2,630 installs and this number is steadily rising. This number can count as a good indicator how big the interest in mobile is getting...

With ericduran who stepped up as co-maintainer for the Drupal 7 branch we are preparing Mobile Tools for the future!

This upward mobile trend is also visible in the number of proposed sessions for Drupalcon Chicago (Check out my proposal).

I tried to assemble an overview of these session and categorize them in different topics:

UX/design of mobile websites

Mobile websites and mobile web applications come with a different set of usability rules. Frameworks like Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile provide useful libraries to build dynamic mobile websites. Adaptive theming using Media Queries, CSS3 and HTML are tools that should go in each mobile developers toolkit.

These are the UX related proposed sessions:

Using Drupal as a backend for native applications

The services api is a powerful tool to connect your Drupal site with your mobile application. In case you prefer creating native applications, check out the following sessions:

Drupal Tools for creating mobile websites

Mobile websites are a relative easy and cheap way of going mobile. Drupal has some good tools to help you in creating these mobile websites:

  • Mobile Panels Sites: This session will show case the use of Panels Everywhere in order to create a mobile site. It will cover Mobile Tools too
  • Making mobile websites with Drupal: I will give an overview of the mobile modules I maintain: Mobile Tools, Wurfl and Mobile Bango. I'll share experience with using them and known problems (caching!!)

Focus on specific mobile technologies

Mobile projects from start to end

Mobile projects have very specific characteristics that determine the cost of your project. In this session I will talk about topics such as scope definition (targeted devices, browsers, ...), developing for multiple devices, mobile web testing and mobile pitfalls.

General sessions

It is clear that these Mobile sessions cover a large range of topics that complement each other. I hope that this year we will see many of these presentations at Drupalcon Chicago, so we can progress as a community in making Drupal the platform of choice for powering the mobile web!

I am looking forward to meet you in chicago! (and do not forget to vote! ;))