Moving on, and protecting the Drupal trademark

Today I moved this blog from the domain to The main reasons are my decreasing contributions to mobile Drupal, my plan to blog about a wider range of topics and also a potential Drupal trademark violation.

The blog has been an initiative I started almost 4 years ago when I ventured into the world of the mobile web world when working for a Belgian mobile startup called Siruna. Siruna had at the time developed a transcoding engine to make desktop sites mobile.

My overal goals were to explore the possibilities of creating mobile sites with Drupal and secretly promote the Siruna software that could help in creating these mobile sites ... Eventually our product (OSMOBI) managed to mobilize at its peak more then 1000 Drupal sites!

However at that time we where talking about a temporary solution to transcode desktop oriented site. This approach is totally outdated in todays world where mobile has taken the first row.

View this vintage screencast of the product that does not exist anymore:

Many Drupal contributions and presentations at Drupal camps/ cons later I have been moving away from Drupal as my core focus. Most of my modules have gotten new maintainers and my activity in the issue queue has more or less halted. Today I still spend 30% of my time with Drupal (it still powers the central CMS at ConsumerSearch, however that amount is not sufficient to maintain core maintainer ship.

Definitely check out the D8 Mobile initiative if you want to follow up on mobile Drupal.

The Trademark

Together with the request from Dries to find a solution for Trademark violations of the blog's domain name, I decided to move away from and move on under a more generic domain ...